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"I never thought I would complete my education after I lost my dad to HIV/AIDS"

Rakesh’s parents migrated to Hyderabad a few years ago, hoping to find some work. Uneducated, they worked as daily wage laborers at different sites around the city. Two and half years ago when the family found out that his father was HIV positive their world came crashing down. Spending all the money on medical bills, they found it hard to keep Rakesh in school. He soon lost interest in his studies and decided to give up on education all together. In this situation a local John Foundation awareness worker reached out to this family and helped him join the tuition centre and Back to school program. Through the Back to School program we were able to keep him in school by paying his fees. He also joined the tuition centre where he received after school academic help every evening. He soon began to regain his interest in education. In his recently concluded exams, he scored over 80% and his parents were overwhelmed and grateful for his amazing transformation.

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