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John Foundation believes that equipping vulnerable children with good quality education gives them a strong foundation that not only sets them up for success in their future but also enables entire families and communities escape cycles of poverty and human trafficking.

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children homes

The John Foundation Children Homes were begun with the goal of providing a safe space, loving care, healthy food and good quality English medium education for children at-risk. Today we have 21 homes catering to children from various difficult backgrounds including - orphans, semi orphans, children from backgrounds of commercial sex trade, children from families affected by HIV/AIDS. 


Each home has 10 kids who are looked after by a loving house mom and a service staff. The kids not only receive care and hope at the homes but are also encouraged to excel at school and in other extra-curricular activities. Many of these kids have gone on to successfully graduate high school often topping classes and receiving special Prime Minister Scholarships

tuition centres

The John Foundation Tuition Centres were set up with the intention of helping children of parents who couldn’t help their kids with after school homework. Hyderabad is a city with a large migrant population – many working long hours and often illiterate. Our research indicated the kids of such parents, were often most likely to drop out of school due to the lack of after school help from parents with their studies. The Tuition centres were set up to provide such kids with an alternative, encouraging them to stay in school and successfully graduate. Today John Foundation runs 23 tuition centres with 25-30 kids each. Each tuition centre has a well qualified teacher who spends two hours every day after class hours to help kids with homework and any other course related doubts and questions.

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back to school

The John Foundation Back to School program was begun with the desire to tackle another huge cause of school drop-out in Hyderabad. Children are often pulled out of school when fathers die due to work-related accidents, terminal illnesses, suicides due to mounting debt and extreme poverty. The mothers left behind are often unable to earn enough to keep the kids in school, ultimately leading to school dropout. The Back to School Program identifies such children and helps them pay the school fee required to keep them in school until the mother is able to support the kids herself. Often mothers of children in our Back to school program also go through our employable skill training courses and are eventually able to support their kids themselves.


john's academy

Innaugurated in 2021, John's Academy was established with the aim of providing good quality, English medium education at affordable rates. Located at our Medchal campus, it currently has a capacity of 500 students with room for expansion in the future. John's Academy prides itself in its vision of ensuring academic excellence while also holistically preparing students for the future. 

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"I hope to one day become a medical surgeon who can help others in need"

"I never thought I would complete my education after I lost my dad to HIV/AIDS"

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