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"I feel empowered now that I can support my mom and family financially”

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Swetha* was a school dropout who came from a family that was struggling financially. At a young age, she was forced to work as a domestic help at multiple apartments a day in order to support the family. Going from one home to another each day, working on household chores wore her down. Desiring to do more with her life, she was excited when she heard about the John Foundation employable skill Training centre from a friend. Gathering the courage to take a bold step, she enrolled into the beautician course at the EST. She soon developed a keen interest towards beauty training and began to excel in her lessons. Upon graduation, she began receiving orders from clients requiring beauty treatment at their homes. Through her hard work, good customer relation skills and creative ideas she soon became a much-in-demand beautician.

Today, Swetha is so happy that she no longer needs to go from house to house doing back-breaking house hold chores. She says, ‘I still go from house to house, but this time as a much-in-demand beautician. This beautician job has brought a great sense of dignity to me personally. I feel empowered when I can support my mom and family financially."

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