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generation projeCTs

John Foundation believes that non-profits that are able to generate a portion of their operational expenses through income generation projects that are inherently more robust, capable of producing long-term impact even in the face of unreliable and inconsistent funding. John Foundation along with its partner organisations runs 5 different income generating projects.

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asha garment factory

Right from its inception, John Foundation has taken steps to intentionally pursue economic self-sustainability through the creation of a number of income generation projects. The Garment factory is one of our largest income generation projects that not only supports the operational costs of our projects but also provides employment for a number of women in our community.

Situated in Hyderabad, India, Asha garment factory is a clothing manufacturer and exporter of high-quality products to multiple clients in the USA, UK and Switzerland since 2014.​All products manufactured at AGF are of supreme quality and well appreciated by our clients for their tear resistance, fine stitching, shrinkage resistance, colour fastness, uniform dyeing and other required conditions

Asha Garment Factory ensures that all our sewing partners and staff receive dignified fair wages, safe working conditions and the necessary support they need to stand on their own feet

asha books

Asha books is a wholesale book business that today distributes books to bookshops across India and parts of South East Asia.Built by a team with over 30 years of experience in the Indian Book market, we bring you the best, handpicked Books to cater to your diverse needs.

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asha departmental store

Asha Departmental Stores is an additional form of income for The John Foundation. These are stores located accross the city selling daily needs to the people of the locality along with garments, snacks, cool drinks and more.


asha diagnostic centre

Asha Diagnostic Centre was set up to add to our income generating projects. Today Asha Diagnostic centre provides over 200 medical tests at highly affordable rates to meet the medical diagnostic needs of the local community


asha beauty parlour

Be it bridal make for your wedding day or regular visit to the parlour, Asha Beauty Parlour has a range of beauty treatments to help you look your best

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