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"I hope to one day become a medical surgeon who can help others in need"

When Shreya's mother brought her to our children homes, she was trying to save her from the threat of human trafficking. They came from an environment where the risk of human trafficking was very real. She was fearful that the circumstances and people around whom she was being brought up would inevitably put her at risk. When Shreya first joined the children home she was fearful and shy. Her past had had a significant impact on her and she struggled to get through her lessons needing constant love, care and motivation from our housemothers.

Her hard work and determination helped her overcome her struggles one at a time. Today many years later, she has grown into a confident young girl, scoring straight A+ grades in class. She was recently selected to captain her team at school and enjoys compering at many student cultural events.

Today she hopes to become a medical surgeon and start her own hospital to help others who are helpless and in need.

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